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When Royal Leaf founders wanted to revolutionize the way the world viewed natural sources of caffeine, we knew we needed to tell their story in a way that was energetic yet organic.

Royal Leaf

Royal Leaf
2 Months
Web Design, Brand Identity

Project Overview

Guayusa (gwai-yoo-suh) is a caffeinated, Amazonian super leaf that provides sustained and focused energy throughout the day. A New York based company, Royal Leaf was one of the first brands to bring a guayusa leaf iced tea to market. Royal Leaf looked to Lama to help them revamp their brand presence on Shopify and offer beneficial D2C features such as subscribe and save.

Our Approach

Working in Shopify, the LAMA team developed and implemented a custom theme that told the story and benefits of the Guyausa leaf and made UX & UI updates to lead the consumer down the path of conversion.

Project Goals

Convey the benefits of the Guayusa leaf to a modern, on-the-go audience

Add products and optimize product descriptions in an ecommerce environment

Advise and integrate a subscribe and save feature on shopify

Brand Development

Phase 1

Brand development for Royal Leaf was an exciting and strategic process that involves creating a unique and compelling brand identity that resonates with their target audience while showcasing the authenticity and qualities of Guayusa tea.

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Style Guide

Our style guide display brand's visual elements, from logo usage and color palettes to typography and imagery guidelines. It establishes a baseline for brand identity allowing us to create and communicate in alignment with the brand's essence.

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Website Development

Phase 2

Site Map

The Site Map was created as a guide for a seamless user navigation. Here, we've organized the Royal Leaf website into a clear, structured pathway, ensuring that every visitor can easily find what they seek.

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We developed wireframes to guide you through a seamless and intuitive online experience. This serves as the foundation for our user-centric platform.

Site Deployment

Phase 3

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