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Orange Moose is a seasonal business that offers summer adventure rentals from golf carts to kayaks to scooters and more. Orange Moose tasked us with strategizing and deploying paid advertising campaigns for the 2022/2023 season.

Orange Moose

Orange Moose
Ads , Strategy, Web Design

Project Overview

Due to its seasonality, Orange Moose’s peak advertising months are from Mid May - Mid September. It was Lama’s job to deploy a strategy that could highlight 3 local store fronts, increase website traffic, and grow brand awareness all with an ad budget of under $2,000 per month.

Our Approach

Because we had no historical data on successful keywords our approach was to create ad groups based on each store location in order to achieve market saturation. We ran ads for 4 months over the summer, during that time, we tested and refined keywords, ad copy, and product offerings to see which ad yielded the best results.

Project Goals

Create Brand Awareness of multiple Orange Moose locations

Drive traffic to the Orange Moose website

Drive users to conversion

Ad Strategy

We ran ads from April 3, 2022 - Sept 9, 2022. During that time, we continued to refine keywords and product offerings to see which products drove the best results and which ad copy received the best clicks through to the website, ultimately leading to a user calling the related store.

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Campaigns Insight

In our first year, we found that users were primarily interested in renting Golf Carts. When we returned to this campaign the following year, we used our learnings to understand better which keywords worked best for us and which ad type yielded the best interaction.

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Our Results

While we drove many clicks to the website, golf cart campaigns proved to be the most valuable driving the highest CTR and having the greatest ROI of any product or location.


Reduced Ad spend


Improved campaign interaction rate


New users YOY added

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