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We were requested to create a brand identity for a new employment benefits company, BGrand Benefits. The new business wanted a modern, approachable, memorable brand that still carried the weight of a secure and trustworthy insurance offering.


3 Months
Logo Design, Brand Identity

Project Overview

The company’s founder, Brian Granderi came to us with the name BGrand in mind based off an abbreviation of his first and last name. Our goal was to bring the brand to life with a memorable brand identity that could sustain the attention of business owners in a landscape that is saturated with many large brand names as well as smaller brokers.

Our Approach

Our main focus was to create a visual identity that would keep BGrand top of mind in the competitive insurance industry. LAMA set out to create a logo that harkened back to the company name and built illustrative assets that could stand alone and be synonymous with the logo.

Project Goals

Establish a visual identity that would keep BGrand top of mind

Create basic brand marketing collateral

Launch Linkedin social media page

Brand Development

Phase 1

We began a strategic process of creating and establishing a unique and recognizable brand for this company. This involved creating a logo, identity, personality, and perception in the minds of target audiences to differentiate it from competitors and foster a lasting and meaningful connection.

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Style Guide

Our style guide display brand's visual elements, from logo usage and color palettes to typography and imagery guidelines. It establishes a baseline for brand identity allowing us to create and communicate in alignment with the brand's essence.

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Collateral And Print

Phase 2

Collateral and print materials play a pivotal role in conveying a brand's identity, values, and messaging to its target audience through tangible and visually engaging mediums. These materials encompass a range of physical assets designed to communicate the brand's story, products, and services in a compelling and memorable way. They are an integral part of a brand's marketing and communication strategy, often working in conjunction with digital efforts to create a well-rounded brand experience.

Identity and Design

We wanted to bring in an easily identifiable element that could allow BGrand to stand out in the crowd. We landed on the pelican as a symbol of prosperity, strength, and hope. Utilizing a modern design that balances clean lines, vibrant colors, and intuitive layouts, we communicate the essence of innovation, efficiency, and care.

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Business Collateral

Each piece of collateral, from brochures to digital presentations, exudes a sense of professionalism that resonates with resonates with BGrand's ideology.

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