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Meet the lama team. We pride ourselves on delivering results and relationships. We know your story is important, that's why we take the time to get to know you and your brand to make working with LAMA exciting and ongoing!

about lama

LAMA’s “sweet spot” is its people. We have account execs, strategists, web masters, market researchers, graphic designers, message builders and production experts. As a team, we direct all our energies into shaping and supporting client relationships that are creative, collaborative and transparent.

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"It's no secret that things change quickly today, but when you partner with us, you will feel like we are an extension of your team,"
Victoria Noboa
Founder of LAMA

what they say about us

Tommaso Borghi

CEO & Founder

"Thanks to this project we discovered and realised our brand was so much more than what we thought. We're extremely happy about the results".

Eric Billings

Brand Manager

"Not only the project inspired us about our brand, but the actual results we were able to accomplish were amazing."

Marco Fontanesi


"It seems like a trivial thing for us now, but thanks to the project we have realised that all design choices must have a strategic basis."

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All of our classes are taught by professionals who will help you every step of the way.

Business Development

Lisa Morgan

Account Manager

Jennifer Clark

Creative Lama

Julie Elwood

Head Lama

Victoria Noboa

Creative Lama

Jay Boyer

Creative Lama

Patrick Bastian

Lead Creative Lama

Wayne Middleton