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Kerrigan Advisors is the premiere sell-side advisor and thought partner to auto dealers nationwide, renowned for its commitment to excellence and expertise in driving success. Kerrigan Advisors recently embarked on an exciting journey to enhance their digital presence. LAMA played a pivotal role in developing a new website for Kerrigan Advisors, tailored to elevate their online visibility and streamline user experience.

Kerrigan Advisors

Kerrigan Advisors
Web Design, Print

Project Overview

LAMA collaborated with Kerrigan Advisors to enhance their digital presence and lead generation capabilities. We focused on optimizing conversion and integrating SEO-rich content, crafting a website that reflected professionalism and prioritized mobile responsiveness. After thoughtful consideration, we opted to migrate Kerrigan Advisors' WordPress site to Webflow, ensuring scalability, security, and compliance with core vitals standards.

Our Approach

Develop a comprehensive four-part solution to establish a strong foundation for Kerrigan Advisors’ brand. This includes creating unique web pages and web page templates to ensure consistency across the site. We also applied best practices in UX and UI design to maximize conversion rates.

Project Goals

Improve SEO Core Vitals

Integrate Better UX & UI Elements

Improve Mobile Experience

Website Concepts

Phase 1

Our primary objective was to create a website that highlighted Kerrigan Advisors' professionalism. We chose to emphasize cleanliness, modernity, and responsiveness with this design. This would ensure an outstanding user experience while simultaneously elevating Kerrigan Advisors' brand awareness and search engine visibility. To achieve this, we developed two distinct design concepts that reflected the desired aesthetic and functionality. These concepts were accompanied by detailed wireframes outlining the layout and structure of the website's key pages.

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Website Development

Phase 2

Following the design phase, we worked to migrate the WordPress website to Webflow to enhance scalability, security, and core vitals compliance. This transition included setting up hosting, developing the site, making revisions, and integrating third-party tools like Google Analytics. Once finalized, the site underwent thorough testing before being deployed to Kerrigan Advisors' domain. Live QA testing was conducted, and a client training session was held to ensure a smooth transition.

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Marketing Collateral

Phase 3

Following the successful launch of Kerrigan Advisors' website, our collaboration extended beyond the digital realm as we continued to support them in various capacities. This included the design of print collateral and social media assets to further bolster their brand presence and marketing efforts. Leveraging our expertise in design and branding, we crafted visually compelling materials aligned with Kerrigan Advisors' established identity and messaging.

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