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At Good Funding, good is personal. They believe in being good to themselves, good to one another, and good to their partners and customers. Together, we defined the elements of their value proposition and brought the brand to life. As a new company, Good Funding needed a website that would scale with the brand as it grew.

Good Funding

Good Funding
18 Months
Logo Redesign, Brand Identity, Website

Project Overview

We designed a brand identity for a new B2B company, Good Funding. With over a decade of experience in B2B funding, the company's founders wanted a unique brand that was optimistic and cheery but maintained the professionalism needed for the financial space.

Our Approach

Good Funding was eager to get to market as soon as possible. In order to help them meet this goal, we provided them with a basic 4-page website inclusive of their product, their industries, and partner information. With a Temporary Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in place, we worked behind the scenes to create a full website that was consumer-facing.

Project Goals

Create a website that could support a new brand identity

Develop SEO-rich copy and web pages to support individual industries

Provide Good Funding with preliminary marketing asset

Brand Development

Phase 1

After a few discovery sessions with the Good Funding leadership team, we came to understand that at its core, what differentiated Good Funding was their view that business funding should be a benevolently good business. A business that was led by good people who were there to create partnerships with small businesses. For them, good was personal.

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Style Guide

Our style guide displays the brand's visual elements, from logo usage and color palettes to typography and imagery guidelines. For Good Funding, we looked to bring in elements of softness and optimism throughout the brand while balancing the fact that this was still a financial offering.

Color Palette
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Website Development

Phase 2

To begin, we created a Temporary Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to establish an online presence and gain user insights and data. Our overall goal with the MVP was two fold: keep the site lean and flexible and maximize the amount of user insights as we continued to move into the full site build.

MVP to Full Website

With the MVP in place, we prepared for a full site launch that needed to include an application, industry pages, and a blog. We created a site map and wireframes to ensure seamless user navigation with clear, structured pathways. Additionally, we modified elements from the MVP to create a more prominent brand identity, adding additional typography styles, refining the double teardrop shape, and reducing the weight of the icons.

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We developed wireframes to guide you through a seamless and intuitive online experience. This serves as the foundation for our user-centric platform.


Phase 3

Copy was developed simultaneously with the website. Our approach was to establish branded keywords and keywords related to the industries Good Funding serves. A blog was also launched to build deeper keyword density over time.

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