We've spent months monitoring and measuring email campaigns looking ad nauseam at data, to ascertain that there are really only a few metrics that really matter, and that provide simple insights into what's happening with your email marketing. Below we've outlined what us lama's like to look at to better understand our own/clients e-marketing campaigns success and failures.

Delivery Rate

Calculated by dividing the volume of emails delivered by the volume of emails sent. Note: “delivered” doesn’t necessarily mean your email hit the inbox—just that it wasn’t bounced or rejected.

Open Rate

Calculated by dividing the number of emails opened by the number of emails delivered. An email will not register as “opened” unless images are displayed in the message, either through settings or active loading.

Bounce Rate

Bounced email is the opposite of delivered email. These are the messages that fail to get delivered for any reason. We love this metric to better understand the quality of our list often times we've found that email syntax is an issue as well as incorrect email address submitted through our forms. Weeding these out increases our list quality and reduce our bounce rates. Also using Neverbounce for pre-cleaning our lists before deployment, help us decrease our bounce rate.

Click-Through Rate

And last and by far the single most important metric is click-through rate (CTR). Calculated by dividing clicks by the volume of email delivered. This metric is commonly used to measure email engagement. Why is this SO important? Simply put why do we email people? to get them to a chosen destination. If all our audience did was open our emails then the whole campaign has failed.

Marketers typically over engineer their emails having CTA's too low down the page and way too much copy lots of imagery etc. Remember we don't want people to stay in the email we want them to visit our site or landing page and take an action.

Keeping email marketing simple is at the core of our email process here at Lama, if you'd like to learn more about how we can increase your email engagement, and help fulfill your campaigns potential give us a call today!

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