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Give Your Brand a Voice.

The primary focus of our content marketing strategies is to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. At Lama, we craft content that tells your brand’s story, engages an audience, and manages your reputation as a means of building your business and establishing your place in the expansive online marketplace.

With Lama's content marketing services, you’ll be able to utilize creative, relevant forms of content to accomplish the following:
  • Create a distinct brand voice and personality
  • Expand your content marketing efforts
  • Develop a relationship with your intended audience
  • Build awareness for your brand
  • Support other collaborative digital marketing efforts (PPC, SEO, etc.)
  • Enrich your reader’s understanding of core products and services
  • Generate interest with persuasive writing
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What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of brand-relevant online material, such as website pages, blogs, press releases, newsletters, and social media posts. Not all content explicitly promotes a brand, but it is intended to generate interest in its services or products.

Whether we’re talking about blogs and news articles to YouTube videos and even memes, basically all that you encounter online falls into the content bucket. Because our digital marketing services focus solely on the goals of your business, our content marketing strategy puts equal emphasis on audience intent as we do content for our clients.

Types of Content Marketing

Press Releases announce your company’s latest events, product offerings, and promotions.
Infographics share a few interesting facts in an eye-catching format.
eBooks provide a deeper understanding of a specific topic and offer long-term value.
Quizzes encourage interaction with a brand or product and make great social media posts.
Whitepapers educate your audience and offer in-depth information about a particular aspect of your business.
Surveys give you a glimpse into your audience’s interests, helping to inform future content strategies.
Videos combine music, images, and text to engage viewers in a quick, yet effective manner.
Newsletters are often deployed through email and are a great tool to connect with customers and increase sales.
Blogs offer a brief overview of a broad topic or a deep-dive into a specific one.
How Content Marketing Fits Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Content marketing can improve your website’s reach and performance in many ways. High-quality content can perform for keywords outside of your targeted SEO campaign, broadening your site’s reach in search results. It can also attract and engage website visitors from social media and other parts of the web, helping to improve the on-page user experience and visitor behavior metrics, which in turn helps your performance in search results.

Our content marketing is usually folded into our SEO services. When you work with us, we’ll assess your current website performance and see how we can help grow relevant traffic to your site. Most of the time, our clients need some form of content marketing help. We provide services that are unique to your resources and business goals and resources, and our writing team can write all your content, some of your content, or none of your content. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do content writing, we’ll do that very important legwork.
Why We’re Content Marketing Experts.
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For your content to be effective in assisting your SEO efforts, it has to be high-quality, research-driven content that speaks to both the users and the search engines. It takes online research tools, analytic expertise, time, and effort to create effective content on a regular basis.

With a team of over 100 marketing professionals contributing to your overall content strategy, our combined experience and expertise are unrivaled amongst competing digital marketing agencies.

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  • Understand what’s holding you back from ranking
  • Generate leads & retain more clients
  • See why your competition is winning online
  • Visualize your website’s SEO performance
  • Real-time website data for SEO & social media
  • Analyze your PPC campaigns for optimizations