How shifts in consumer behavior have impacted Financial Service messaging



Earlier this year, Google & research firm Known released the findings from studies  conducted before the pandemic and in the fall of 2021. They found that Americans are more focused on personal finances than ever before. “This uptick in financial consideration leads to increased financial action” according to Google.

Compared to 2020, financial consumers are now 1.2x more open to using new platforms with innovative products and services.


of financial consumers agree with the following statement, “ During COVID, I feel I've spent more time making decisions about my finances than ever before.”


say they think it’s important that financial services make financial life easier.


say that it’s important that financial services providers are developing the most innovative products and features.


of all U.S. financial consumers believe that disruptor brands like Chime, Borrow, and SoFi are delivering the most innovative products and features.

Additionally, in March 2020 Google saw:

  • 3x increase in search volume for the phrase Financial Help
  • And a 2x increase in the phrase Mobile Banking App

So what does this mean for consumer behavior?

  • Consumers are looking to be helped, they are looking to financial services to make their lives easier.
  • They want innovative features to offer personalized support.
  • They are looking for experiences to be seamless and intuitive.
  • And they think disruptor brands are currently meeting these needs the best.

“Even before the pandemic, the financial services industry was grappling with “disruptor” brands — digitally native challengers that deliver innovative experiences across products and services to make customers’ financial services easier. They offer products and features that surpass consumers’ expectations, like personalization or seamless integration with other accounts and services. With their commitment to meeting customer needs, they’re elevating consumers’ expectations of banks, insurers, and payment providers altogether and, ultimately, changing what it means to be a trustworthy financial service brand."

Creative Trends

Within the past 3 years alone we have seen marketing messaging and strategy shift to align with consumer behavior. Messaging has now shifted to a more helpful tone – putting the customer in the center of the messaging instead of the product. We have even seen this trend emerge in non-digital channels such as Direct Mail.  The remainder of this report compares the shifts in language from some of the largest mailers in the financial space.

Slide through some examples below


  • Put the customer at the center of not just your copy. Present products through the lens of 'how can my product help them?'
  • As the financial environment evolves so do customer expectations. Take some time and experience your brand the way a consumer would, go through your online app on a mobile device, find the gaps and optimize.
  • Consumer trust is no longer just earned by large brick and mortar locations or images of large bank vaults. Trust is now earned by creating frictionless experiences that are unique to each customer.

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