Lama Project

Circle K

Circle K requested help with creating a Direct Mail strategy for their B2B fleet card program. Our first action was to develop a campaign that would raise response rate as well as establish a baseline that would allow us to test in different markets.

Our strategy was to do a multi-touch direct mail and email campaign. Each customer would receive 3 direct mail pieces and 8 emails over the course of a month.

 The audience was identified based on geographic region and B2B customer data. Once the direct mail data was acquired, we were to append an email address to each record giving us the ability to follow up via email.

We began our test within one market with high brand awareness. Through our marketing efforts we were able to increase new fleet card enrollments by 22%. Due to the success of this campaign, we rolled this testing strategy out to additional markets. Depending on the market and brand awareness, we modified the types of mail format.

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